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Local GP completes OldPain2Go Training


Dr Simon van Lieshout

Chronic pain is a huge problem in the UK, with almost two fifths of the UK population – 28million adults – living with pain that has lasted for three months or longer, according to the British Pain Society. For the majority of those struggling with constant pain, which can be anything from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis, ME, stomach ulcers and gallbladder disease, their first port of call will be their family doctor.

As Scotland’s only authorised Trainer and Master Practitioner of OldPain2Go, I have successfully trained more than 100 practitioners around the world in the practice from a wide range of backgrounds. It was always my aim, however, to work with those working in the frontline of the medical profession and recently I had the privilege of training my first GP, Dr Simon van Lieshout of Camphill Medical Practice and Camphill Wellbeing Trust.

Simon proved to be a most willing and receptive student, who showed a natural ability to put his patients at ease and to deliver OldPain2Go therapy successfully, and the hope is that he can offer a new service to patients with chronic pain, allowing them to live with either significantly reduced pain or even pain free.

Following the training, Simon very kindly agreed to share his thoughts about OldPain2Go:

Where did you study?

I studied medicine in Cambridge and Edinburgh with the intention of becoming a GP. I had met a few rural GPs before and during my studies who inspired me with their combination of scientific knowledge, technical expertise and human touch.

When did you start work at Camphill?

I moved to Aberdeen to work in the Camphill Medical Practice (NHS) and the Camphill Wellbeing Trust (charity) in 2012, after completing my training as a GP and trying my hand for a year as a rural GP. Both are based in the lovely grounds of the Camphill Schools Aberdeen community in Murtle Estate, Bieldside, Aberdeen. I was looking for an approach to medicine which bridged the gap between Western medicine and a more holistic approach which I had trained in or experienced over the years.

What is the Camphill Wellbeing Trust?

We are a Scottish charity supporting the wellbeing of patients and their families through an integrated, person-centred approach to health, education and social care.

What is AnthroHealth?

AnthroHealth is an extended and integrative approach to health which is based on conventional western medicine. It is not an ‘alternative medicine’.

Our AnthroHealth approach uses individualised therapeutic programmes to:

  • address illness
  • build resilience
  • maintain wellbeing

We receive referrals from throughout North East Scotland and further afield.

We also receive self-referrals.

How did you hear about OldPain2Go?

One of my long-term patients had improved significantly after undergoing an OldPain2Go session. I found out I could be trained by Emma and got in touch. I found it fascinating – it really confirmed for me how much individuals can hold on to their symptoms as part of a wider pattern of fixed beliefs, and how changing these beliefs can allow symptoms to resolve.

How will you use your OldPain2Go training?

The Camphill Wellbeing Trust has seen an increasing number of patients with a wide range of chronic conditions in recent years, the most common of which is fibromyalgia. Probably around half or two thirds of my referred patients have some form of chronic pain.  I hope to find some suitable patients in my AnthroHealth clinic for whom I can offer OldPain2Go sessions.  I am also very interested to see what the outcome of current research is – further adoption of the availability of OldPain2Go within the NHS healthcare system would depend on the outcomes of research but there is currently a growing interest in alternatives to drug-based treatment for chronic pain.

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