Emma Armes – Pain Therapy

New Year, New Focus!

I am very excited to announce that as we are near the end of 2019, I am launching my new website and my new way of working.

From now on I will be specialising completely in Pain Therapy, hence the change in website and name!

Since becoming an OldPain2Go® Practitioner in September 2017 I have found this work to be so interesting and exciting, not to mention a total passion of mine since I experienced chronic pain myself. My story HERE

Life has been so much better since I had my chronic pain removed – not only did I get my normal life back, I got even more! My mission now is to be able to help you have the same experience. And also train as many OldPain2Go® Practitioners as I can so they can also help others. If you work with people in pain, read about training HERE

My vision going forward is to continue to educate people about pain and how I can help them using this cutting edge talking therapy to get amazing results. Some people are sceptical about how this works and I totally understand this – I was too! But hopefully reading the feedback and watching the many videos you will see how people are benefitting from it on a daily basis all over the world! There are over 1100 OldPain2Go® Practitioners worldwide now – imagine how many people are out there living life to the full again!

I will also be concentrating more on your overall experience. I am moving to a 2 session Persistent Pain Programme consisting of 2 sessions lasting from 1½-2 hours each so I can give you the best care and follow up possible. You will also receive an Audio MP3, a Pain Therapy Booklet and regular email follow ups.

So if you have been in pain for over 3 months and have seen a medical practitioner about it, perhaps tried everything and been told there is nothing more that can be done, maybe you don’t want to keep taking lots of pain medication, then give me a call and let’s see if we can get you back to living your life! I look forward to hearing from you!

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