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Pain Therapy

We feel pain for a reason; we need it for protection and survival, it tells us that we are hurt or injured and that we need to take action -this is what we term “new” pain.

After your injury or issue has been dealt with and appropriate healing time occurs, your pain should go. But what happens when you can’t get that pain to stop? What happens when that pain switch gets stuck in the “ON” position after the danger has passed?

This is called persistent, chronic or “old” pain, it is no longer necessary but it sticks around.

This happens because there is a part of your brain/mind which is always trying to protect you, that is sending you the pain message or symptoms. Your system effectively has become “overprotective”, 

While pain is absolutely 100% real, the pain or symptoms are not coming from where we thought. It is a message from your brain, rather than from your tissues. Which means we need to look at the brain/the mind, not the part that is sore.

Pain science has now proved that pain and certain symptoms are outputs from the brain felt in our body and are not just biological or physical (as we used to believe) but a bio/psycho/social phenomenon (ie involving the whole of you including your mind).

Pain Therapy is a highly effective, cutting edge, pain reduction/removal talking therapy, kind of like pain psychology so no physical touch is required.

I will show you how to turn down or even switch any old pain/symptoms off that are no longer needed or useful. You will learn how to become pain or symptom free and how you can use these tools in the future for other issues.

As there is no physical touch involved, all sessions are done online via Zoom, which is just as effective as being in the room, with the added advantage of no travelling and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Pain Therapy can work with all sorts of old pain including arthritis, joint injuries, back pain, sciatica, Raynauds, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This not just pain management, this is reducing, and/or getting rid of your OLD, unnecessary pain messages for good.

We work together over 3 online Zoom sessions, it is safe and has no side effects.

**You must have had your pain longer than 3 months and have been checked by a medical professional.**

I have seen wonderful results with hundreds of clients, including experiencing it myself to remove my own 7 year back pain (MY STORY HERE and when teaching others all over the world.

Just in case you’re wondering, although I used to be a Hypnotherapist, this is not hypnosis – no trance is required.

This therapy also works for many other issues because your brain controls everything!  If you’re not sure if I can help please get in touch. If I can’t help you, I may know someone who can.

For information about ONLINE STOP SMOKING sessions please see my blog HERE and also the Fees section HERE.

For information about RAYNAUDS’ SESSIONS please see my blog HERE and also the Fees section HERE.

You can book directly below, using my online booking calendar.

If you’re not sure if your pain can be helped with this method, please GET IN TOUCH and I will happily advise you.


Not sure how this can possibly work or help you?


This entertaining video from Professor Lorimer Moseley, Neuroscientist and leading pain expert in Australia explains how pain works and therefore help you understand how I can help you.

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Pain therapy can be very effective; however, the outcome depends greatly on the client being motivated and committed to change. Results can vary from person to person and as such cannot be guaranteed. You must have been seen by a medical professional about your pain in the past, prior to your session with me.

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