Emma Armes – Pain Therapy

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OldPain2Go training is changing! For the next few months while we go through this transition, Steven Blake will doing all training. 

To join the next training courses with a £30 discount please follow the link below and quote 49EA


OldPain2Go ®  is a methodology to help your client to change their thought processes to get their best result. We work WITH the client not ON them.

Featuring: BrainBargaining ™ AutoREM ™ AutoSomatic ™ and The Blake Methodology ™

OldPain2Go ®  is not only for pain reduction and removal but also it can be mapped across for use with all kinds of other issues such as anxiety, phobias, hay fever, weight loss, smoking and more (with the right background training)

Imagine, changing the way you work for the better, being able to increase your prices with confidence and getting those priceless word of mouth recommendations!

Training Information

What’s Included?​

What Will I Learn?​


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