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Do you want to train to be a certified OldPain2Go ® Practitioner?

As the only Authorised Trainer and Master Practitioner in Scotland I offer individual and group training, both face to face and online in OldPain2Go ®.

I have been successfully working in my private practice in Aberdeenshire since 2016 and now specialise in pain work with online clients all over the world.  I have been training Practitioners worldwide since 2017, training over 140 of them in this method.

Pain is a huge problem with studies showing that between 1-4 of the UK population is affected by chronic pain.  The OldPain2Go ®  method is transforming the way clients feel, so that they can live with either significantly reduced pain or in a lot of cases, pain free.

There is a huge client base in need of our help as you can see from this article from the British Medical Journal:     

“Prevalence of chronic pain in the UK: a systematic review and meta-analysis of population studies.   A Fayaz1, P Croft2, R M Langford3, L J Donaldson4, G T Jones5”

“Conclusions: Chronic pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK, corresponding to just under 28 million adults, based on data from the best available published studies. This figure is likely to increase further in line with an ageing population.”

Full article available at: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/6/6/e010364

I have personally experienced OldPain2Go ®  first hand after having a back injury when I was a Paramedic and then 7 years of back pain. You can read my story HERE

Contact me HERE to sign up or ask any questions.

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