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Wave goodbye to Raynaud’s with OldPain2Go

Last Autumn, I spotted a query on a local Facebook page from someone asking for help and advice on the treatment of Raynaud’s condition. Reading their list of symptoms, it occurred to me that the therapy I use for helping those suffering with chronic pain might be of help.

I have been an OldPain2Go Master Practitioner for four years, helping hundreds of people suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, joint injuries, back pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but I had never before worked with anyone with Raynaud’s. Out of curiosity, I asked for some volunteers – the results were amazing and immediate, so I decided to start running sessions. I have now worked with over 20 people and all but a couple saw their symptoms vanish completely and they have not returned.

Raynaud’s is a common condition affecting the blood circulation. Up to 10 million (one in six) people in the UK suffer from Raynaud’s and it is more common in women, often presenting before the age of 30. The main triggers are exposure to cold, anxiety and emotional stress.

When exposed to cold, everyone’s small blood vessels narrow; in those with Raynaud’s, the small blood vessels in the extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature or stress which, in turn, causes an attack. When this happens, the fingers typically change colour, first going white, then blue and then red as the blood returns.

The condition most commonly affects the fingers and toes but can also present in other areas such as the lips nose, ears and nipples. It can be painful, especially as the blood returns. While there are some medications available (or even medical procedures in severe cases), many sufferers are advised to look into natural therapies and lifestyle changes.

OldPain2Go is a therapy that is not just a pain management tool; it is about reducing and/or getting rid of old, unnecessary messages for good. Because the symptoms of chronic pain are, more often than not, a physical manifestation of past and/or present stress that the sufferer may not consciously be aware of, it occurred to me that Raynaud’s could perhaps be treated in the same way. By finding the root cause of why something is happening, we can then get the part of the mind that switched on the symptoms to switch them off.

I worked with a number of people, both individually in one-to-one sessions, and others as part of a small group and they have been very successful. As with all my work, this therapy is done online so location is no object, and I’ve recently worked with people from Peterhead to Plymouth and Seattle to Auckland.

What has surprised me most is how many people suffer from Raynaud’s, and how little help there is for those who live with it. I have been delighted at the success of using OldPain2Go as a therapy to get rid of Raynaud’s symptoms. For something that supposedly has “no cure”, there are now many people enjoying snowballs fights with their kids and happily walking the dogs in the cold weather without gloves on!

It has also been wonderful to have so many people who have worked with me share their feedback and pictures in our Facebook group, Raynaud’s Relief Worldwide; (one lady in New Zealand even posted before and after videos of her open water swimming in the cold ocean!)

For more information about the options I have for treatment of Raynaud’s, view the rest of my website.

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